Concert Hall Buka

Main Festival Concert Stage

It’s a beating heart of Z-Games On Snow festival, only headliners and main parties will take place here. We put our mind to sound, light and this location.

Entrance to concerts only with festival bracelets or tickets bought on the spot.

Buka bar

An irreplaceable favorite place for all who love the night movement. A place where you can tear yourself the whole night without stopping, without regrets, with friends and under a cheerful music!


It’s a very comfortable place for a lot of small companies – everything is near: bar, friends and DJs! The most important thing is that the BUKA BAR and BUKA Club are near.

Voda Club

The main SPA resort in Bukovel. Outdoor hot swimming pool, saunas and lounge. A great place to relax after skiing. The warmest and damp place at the festival Z-Games On Snow. A place where you can be naked practically official:)

The hottest party of the festival  “Evening in the Tropics”  will take place at Voda Club on  one of the festivals’ day hosted by community Surfin’ua! Don’t miss!

This party is private and will require separate ticket.

More information about SPA services in Voda Club

Pepsi Snow Park Chillout

The point which gather friends together … always … located in the middle of the mount in the snow park. Perhaps there shoud be built a hotel for riders) But while there will be a main lounge area – Snow Park Chillout.

You can chill here, watch contests in the snowpark or just relax between the slots on lounge chairs every day!

Snow Park

Real adrenaline rush you can feel on 8A slope. It’s a main show stage. Cool riders, serious tricks, series of contests for professionals and amateurs and of course money prizes. The geniune Trick School will be opened for beginners and those who want to improve their skills with real lessons and fan exams. Chill-out zone where you can recover strengths, have some meal, take part in funny contests and properly bag some rays will work all the time.

Detailed program is here Snow & Fun


It’s a main point where everything get started- the gurney, the lift, the snow and the most important – motion. The main square –  is the main stage where music and great motion are always here! Sometimes drinks are pushed down and the prizes are given away, that’s funny in general.

Sunset Spot BY HARDWAY

It’s the most Divine place where you can meditate or make a wish, feel the unity with universe) Friendly speaking, it’s not open for long term – only at sunset hours, but, believe, you couldn’t forget this sight at all.